Clarina Ceramics

Meet Clara, founder and maker at Clarina Ceramics. Her ceramics take a lot from art history, read more 💙


Sara Bevilacqua – TA-DAAN interview

An interview with, Sara Bevilacqua, the founder of Azar Studio. Fashion and sustainability are the big topics we tackled.

Shanti Ganesha interview

Alice Reina - biancodichina

Biancodichina – TA-DAAN interview

jacques bag

Made by leather

pomegranate dish

Gift guide under €100

Discover TA-DAAN Christmas gift guide under €100. This year support small businesses and buy high quality handmade products!

Shop by mood

raffia hat

Made of Raffia

Discover TA-DAAN selection of 10 items made of raffia find your raffia-everything!

leather glass holder

Leather Glass Holder

Follow these simple 6 steps to make a leather eyeglass holder, perfect if you have always your head in the clouds!