Don Fisher

An interview with the Julia, founder of Don Fisher and Lorena, designer at Don Fisher.
Discover more about this small business from Barcelona

Sara Bevilacqua – TA-DAAN interview

An interview with, Sara Bevilacqua, the founder of Azar Studio. Fashion and sustainability are the big topics we tackled.

Alice Reina - biancodichina

Biancodichina – TA-DAAN interview

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If you are looking for special San Valentine’s gifts, have a look at this gift guide: handmade, one-of-a-kind goods in promotion on TA-DAAN shop

Inès Bourgeois – founder Les Izmoor

A chat with Inès Bourgeois, founder of the sustainable fashion brand Les Izmoor.
We are aware that the fashion system needs to change and first of all we need a cultural change. Let’s demand more quality and less quantity.

Grinch Xmas guide

In our mind, being a Grinch means not to appreciate Christmas holidays and celebrations, but considering sustainability we have to learn from the Grinch ♻️

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